Painted Colour Chart

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Painted Colour Chart

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The Kitchens and Furniture Workshop offer a wide range of styles in many beatiful colours to meet all expectations and wishes, using only the finest Farrow & Ball Paint colours mixed to perfection as to provide a long lasting and stunning finish.

Please choose from - Complete painted items - Part Painted Part Oak or Part Painted Part Pine, and with a great choice of handles your design is ready to come to life?


When it comes to choosing colour, there are no strict rules but there are many factors to take into consideration. Architecture, the purpose, shape and direction of a room and above all light, should be taken into account as they will contribute to the changing appearance of colours.


Before making your final colour choice, we recommend that you test selected paint colours in the room that the furniture is for . All 132 colours are available in 100ml sample pots of Estate Emulsion. Paint onto a piece of paper or card and place it in the room looking at how the colour changes at different times of the day. This is particularly useful when you are decorating a room which you will only use at certain times of day. For instance, if you are decorating a dining room which is mostly used in the evening, check the colours in evening light to ensure you get your desired look.


  • Start by thinking how light moves through your house and the effect it has at different times of the day
  • Consider the period of your property and whether this also influences your choice
  • Think about the colours you are comfortable with - look at your clothes, your car, furniture and fabrics. Decide on a palette that feels right to you
  • Don’t be tempted to use too many colours on architectural features as you may distract from the very thing you are trying to enhance
  • The traditional approach to refurnishing a room is more colour on the walls than on the woodwork; however, reversing this can be equally effective


See below for the full colour range or visit - Farrow & Ball

2 - 2 of 3 results